Awareness for Brightening Creams

Awareness for Brightening Creams

Can Skin Whitening Creams slowly kill you?

While some people are happy with their natural skin tone, others desire a fairer complexion, which is one reason why skin whitening creams in Pakistan are pretty common. The obsession with getting a whiter or fairer skin tone is deeply rooted in people of many Asian countries. So, skin whitening creams, bleaches, and treatments are easily available in Pakistan, and people often use them without even consulting a dermatologist or knowing their harmful effects.


Side Effects of Skin Whitening Creams

Skin Whitening Creams in Pakistan

How you could be slowly killing yourself with some products!

It is evident that when we try to change our natural skin color artificially, we are putting ourselves at risk of many problems. There are no skin whitening creams without side effects available in Pakistan because they all use harmful chemicals that suppress our melanin production, which leads to other skin issues as well. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Acne on Face

According to data collected by several people who use skin whitening creams in Pakistan, it has been found that the whitening agents used in these creams are linked to acne development on the skin. And it is just as common in men as in women. These creams contain steroids called corticosteroids which make your skin fair but cause pimples which lead to permanent scars at the same time. So, why use a product that fixes a temporary problem but leaves permanent spots on your skin.

2. Dermatitis

Skin Whitening Creams in Pakistan

Dermatitis is a skin condition that has been connected to the use of skin whitening products because they can irritate your skin or trigger an allergic reaction. Dermatitis can exhibit mild to severe symptoms which vary from person to person; its symptoms include:

  • redness on skin

  • blisters/acne

  • skin ulcers

  • allergies

  • dry/flaky skin

  • swelling

  • itching

  • burning

If you have any of these skin issues, getting advice from a professional is recommended. 

3. Mercury Poisoning

Mercury is a known carcinogen; regular use of skin lightening products has been linked to mercury poisoning in the body, which can be pretty harmful. A lot of countries have prohibited the use of skin whitening creams because they contain mercury. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a notification in 2006 that over-the-counter skin bleaching or whitening products are not recognized as safe and effective. Some of the common symptoms of mercury poisoning include:

  • hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • Fatigue and numbness in the body

  • slurred speech

  • blurred vision

  • difficulty walking

  • Kidney failure

  • Lung damage

  • tremors, memory loss, and irritability

4. Blue-black Pigmentation

Skin Whitening Creams in Pakistan

According to a study, exogenous ochronosis is a skin condition characterized by blue-black pigmentation that develops due to long-term use of hydroquinone-containing skin-lightening creams. Hydroquinone is considered safe in small amounts, but if products containing it are used regularly, it may lead to the skin becoming slightly blue or black from specific areas, especially if you have sensitive skin.

5. Skin Cancer from UV Rays

Skin bleaching products work by preventing melanin formation in your skin cells. A lighter skin tone occurs when melanin is no longer produced naturally to replace skin cells that fade away. The disadvantage is that melanin protects your skin from harmful UV rays, and using skin whitening creams that prevent melanin synthesis can increase your chance of getting certain skin cancers.

6. Kidney Disorders

If you regularly use a skin whitening cream 1 to 2 times a day, you might also be at risk of developing kidney disease. It is mainly due to the presence of mercury in these products, which can accumulate in your bloodstream and destroy the filters of your kidneys, ultimately leading to kidney failure.

7. Problems in Pregnancy

Mercury has the potential to harm the kidneys, the nervous system and cause discomfort and rashes. Skin whitening creams should be avoided by pregnant women and women of childbearing age because mercury is highly toxic for unborn babies. Mercury exposure can harm a pregnant woman’s unborn child even if she shows no symptoms.

The Takeaway

When used over time, skin whitening creams that the FDA does not authorize can be hazardous, even deadly. Therefore, if you’ve been using a product that contains mercury, hydroquinone, or corticosteroids, you should stop using it immediately. Consult a dermatologist before using a new product and carefully check the ingredients.

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